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April 23rd, 2012 7:11 am

I ended up making a Missile Command clone. I wasn’t expecting that, but the Ludum Dare can take you in some odd directions.  I was really dragging my feet Friday night and Saturday morning. I had a concept almost immediately, just getting around to it felt like a chore. However, once I started, I began coding like a madman. I started at 11 am Saturday and finished by 2pm Sunday, enough time to work on refining the art, playtesting, and adding a boss spacecraft.

This game is set on a small spinning planet with 12 turrets. It’s slow-paced at first, then ramps up after a few rounds. Like Missile Command, you try to create explosions in the path of oncoming missiles.

It was originally going to be a 2-player Missile Command set between two pinwheel-shaped worlds (I called it Pinworlds, the inhabitants would have been called pinheads). I didn’t have time to implement a second player, however, so I just wrote this simple AI that drops missiles at a steadily increasing rate.

I was pretty deleious by the end, making stupid spelling mistakes and embarrassing errors in the code. E.g, not killing the boss spheres would prevent the game from continuing at all. Also, the boss’ rockets would become stuck inside its collider, causing a thousand explosions to generate inside of it in an instance, but without killing it off.

The game is divided into “rounds”, each round has one additional rocket from the previous round. A boss spawns every 5 rounds. The goal is to survive for as long as possible before your planet is inevitably destroyed. Similar to Missile Command, there is no real endgame despite defeat.

So, here is Spinworld! Let me know what you think. You can also follow me on twitter @MichaelPConsoli, and check out my other game Against the Wall (which was my LD 20 project).

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