SimHamlet post-mortem

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April 23rd, 2012 4:55 am

Sim Hamlet
My aim this time was to work on my drawing skills. So I decided to make a graphical game for LD#23, based loosely on an old favourite game of mine, “The Settlers”. I apologise for any eyeball bleeding you may suffer.
The aim of the game is to balance wood, stone, grain and food production, ultimately to build a castle (costing 40 wood and stone) and to store up 40 food to be able to survive a siege (note, siege not shown in-game). If you ever run out of food, you lose.

Mason’s: costs 3 stone, 1 wood. Produces stone from surrounding mountains, consumes food.
Woodcutter’s: 3 stone, 1 wood. Produces wood from surrounding forests, consumes food.
Farm: 3 stone, 2 wood. Plants fields in surrounding empty space, produces grain.
Windmill: 5 stone, 3 wood. Consumes grain, produces food. Each produces enough food to feed a single mason or woodcutter.
Castle: 40 wood, 40 stone. Building a castle and amassing 40 food wins you the game.

What went right?

I finished.
The game has both a win and lose condition, and both work.
I re-used a lot of code from my last entry, and that let me put in a main menu and menu->play->lose->menu cycle really quickly.
It has art.

What went wrong?

I didn’t figure out what the aim of the game was going to be until a few hours from the end, and nearly gave up because I didn’t have a “game” as such yet. In the end I drew the castle and its construction stages very hastily near the end and threw it all together. It stuck, so I submitted it.

I didn’t get round to showing in-game what the build-costs of the various buildings are, how many resources they still needed to build, or any progress bar on their building.

The buildings are un-named in-game, so you have to guess which is which. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Known bugs
The windmill is missing its blades in the radial menu.
The radial menu is impossible to close without building something.


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  1. Jonny D says:

    Oh! Ow! You could have warned me *before* the screenshot! 😀

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