Nice Job Everyone!

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April 23rd, 2012 4:05 am

I’m seeing lots of fun entries to try!

As expected, a busy weekend didn’t allow enough time to make an actual LD23 entry, but I did get to try box2dweb and gamejs. ┬áBoth seem pretty useful.

I’m looking forward to trying what everyone else created.

Congratulations if you entered!


2 Responses to “Nice Job Everyone!”

  1. LiquidAsh says:

    Cool, I made my first HTML5 game this weekend and didn’t use physics but had seen and considered playing around with box2djs. It looks like box2dweb will be a better option. Let me know, if you write anything up on your experience. Best!

  2. erko says:

    I looked into box2djs a while back, but when searching for examples this weekend I ended up seeing more box2dweb versions. I haven’t used both versions enough myself, but it looks others agree with you that box2dweb seems better. ( ).
    Nice LD23 game by the way!

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