Men not wearing hats – Post mortem

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April 23rd, 2012 12:18 am

Thought i’d write the post mortem while everything is fresh. =)

“Men not wearing hats” is a game about what happens if you take what you want with force, even if the people at the receiving end is small, both in size and power.


What went right

Story: It was quite hard to think up anything original about the theme. The first thing that came to mind was to either make something on a cellular level, or make the game about “an intestinal journey”. Starting a few hours late i browsed through the ld updates and realized that my initial ideas werent so original after all. I started thinking about other themes, but was a bit lost. Then it dawned on me. I need to get into the “emo-indie-mood”!

When in the “emo-mood” i quickly realized that the game should be about the exploitation of africa and the middle east. I made a quick sketch that displays the player and his world. The initial idea was to make the player take oil and diamonds from the tiny people to either side of him to power his factories.

Tech: Im quite pleased with the usage of lua to control the flow of the game. Resources have their own scripts, as do players and other avatars. I also quite enjoyed working with an component based system which allowed me to add scripts, animations and other things to various game objects without loosing myself in oop hell. =)

Graphics: I like the water and the platforms.


What went wrong

Story: The goal was that the player should be able to be nice by taking diamonds/oil, converting them into gold and then returning them to the men not wearing hats. And, you can do that (there is a bot with a red cross on it). The only problem is that they don’t care, which makes the game unwinnable and always results in a massacre. Come to think of it, this is what happens in the real world aswell?

Tech: Even though some things were a success, others were not. On the evening of the last day some of my physics components suddenly assigned themselves av friction value of “infinity” – which is a ery large number and made the game grind to a halt. However, i did not realized that this was the problem until a few hours later when i tried to rebuild the world from scratch a third time.

Music: I actually made  a song in FL studio, but when exporting it it seemed to have gotten lost on my harddrive, and i was not wise enough to save my work. So, no music.

Time: I was foolish enough to thing that having a 5 month old daughter would not affect me. I does, and if i had realized this in time i would have cut the scope of my game into half. I still managed to spend ~22 hours on the game itself but thoose hours did come at a prize (which i’m about to pay).

Graphics: The first placeholder graphics was stuck in place until the very last minute, and some even made it into “production”. Taking a break in the middle of the dare to work on graphics will be my approach the next time, because nothing is fun about creating walkcyckles during the last hour. *argh* =)

Testing: I played through this game for the first time this morning, after submitting it. I was allright i guess, but tweaking could have made this game nice.


Overall everything feels ok during the circumstances that were. It is the most complex game i ever built on an ld, and it should play on more than my own machine. I had forgotten how though an LD can be so the next time i’ll try to add “mental preparation” to my toolchain. =)


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