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    I failed, didn’t I?

    Posted by (twitter: @Siewart_)
    April 23rd, 2012 3:00 pm

    Well, I posted an entry, but still think I failed. Ok, maybe not to the LD standards (I made a game), but it feels like a failure.

    But why did I fail?

    I  like to blame the tools. Like everyone does. But I’m right, partly. Why? Because I didn’t practice all tools enough. LMMS crashed, Blender was annoying, why can’t I rotate this CharacterController and what the hell is a *.3ga file? All because of the same reason: I didn’t practice them, or try them out at all.

    But I also feel happy, because it was nice to push myself to make a game in such a short time. Usually when I make something, not a necessarily a game, I usually get a “better” idea I want to make and start focusing on that. Then a week later… well, you know, we all have this problem sometimes, right?

    This time I made something that I can expand to something and enjoy doing so. And while doing that I hopefully make something other people might like to play. I was also able to spend some time in making a Shader, and make something that actually works. I improved my skills in a few tools; mostly Blender and LMMS, but also some Unity functions.  I also wrote most code myself, without using default assets like platform character controllers.

    So why do I dislike my entry and what do I like?


    • The game only has one boring short hard-to-understand game element
    • The drawing style is inconsistent
    • No music
    • Only two sound effects
    • Some things are obviously rushed (even within a game jame)


    • I like the atmosphere
    • I have awesome game elements (I will add later)
    • I have an awesome story line (I will add later)

    In my next post I will add some comments about why I like/dislike my entry

    Oh, and if you are still wondering what I’m talking about:

    My Failed Entry

    Or play it

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    One Response to “I failed, didn’t I?”

    1. dx0ne says:

      Well you’ve started and completed something and that’s imho LD is all about. So don’t beat yourself much :)

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