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April 23rd, 2012 12:22 am

Was fun, first time I entered Ludum Dare.
Check out my game Fracuum here.


I used to make flash games really rapidly as a hobby but slowed down a lot recently when I started focusing on a bigger project, but now that that’s done I want to get back into it and spend some more time on smaller stuff, but was really demotivated lately, so this whole event really helped out with that.

So I just made the first thing that came to mind.

Here’s a SWF history of the development (mostly on newgrounds until the resultion got messed up and I moved it to my own server)


Tiny worlds? Oh hey, could do something fractal, press up/down to zoom in and out [link]

Now with a player and colors but no collision yet [link]

Basic, buggy collision [link] 

Redid coloring, thanks to Kyle Pulver for some tips [link] 

Basic level design test [link] 

went home to compose some music
Full level design [link] 

== end of day 1 ==

Title screen [link] 

(lots of early day 2 builds were just bugfixes and performance stuff)

Basic collectables [link] 

Basic enemies [link]

No history past that point since that’s when I moved the file to my own server




If you’re curious, I made the game in the flash CS5 IDE (yes I coded in the IDE, terrible I know but that’s nothing compared to the other coding atrocities given as a gift to the 48 hour game jam gods I needed to make this game fast)

Sound Effects were made with BFXR

Music was made with GarageBand


There is a hard mode in the game, you gotta find it first though.


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