Fantastic Journey

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April 23rd, 2012 12:43 pm

Time for bed – got work tomorrow.  Here’s my game.

Small World (PC and Mac)

It’s a 3d shooter set way down below at a microscopic level.  Will post more later, must sleep.

Tip for the start of the game :  Start blasting early!!!



Dev notes:

Game was written in LUA, with the ShiVa game engine.  Graphics were from The Game Creators default pack (The Colonel – main player) and the Scientist from the Modern 2 pack.

I created the terrain using Lightwave with a displacement map.

I modelled the laser bolt, spiker and the dust mite in Lightwave (the latter two using Nurbs and then froze them), and crunched them down using qemLoss3.

Sound effects were from my Turbo Flick game (on the App Store) and partially remixed using Audacity.  The sounds were original generated from SFXR.

The fresnel shader was built as part of the advanced material properties of ShiVa but it required that I tweak it a little to come up with the final effect.  Most objects also combine a normal map to add the fine detail.  I generated some normal maps from Lightwave using the Normal Map creator.  This works by having a hires mesh, a lo-res game ready mesh, then adding a UV map to the low res object, with the normal sourced from the hires model, but rendered on the lores UV map.

I also add a top down light and shadow, with focus set to a short depth of field to mimic the look of an electron microscope.

Any remaining 2D graphics were created using Corel, like the title and icon.

Here’s the first concept sketch I did on day one before I started creating the game, to get a feel for the lighting.

I hope you enjoy my entry, but also try the bug fixed version below. However that one below is not part of the submission, so judge the one above first, then try the update below.



Post entry notes:  I’ve done a bug fix to make the game funner to play – like you don’t get spammed by the spikies as much.  If you’re playing the original submission just hold the back key and you will respawn back away from the bag guys once the dying sequences is complete.  But if you wanna try the game version that’s a bit tamer (please don’t judge this version below as part of Ludum Dare – that would be unfair) – then try the links below.


PC version

Mac Version

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  1. AlwaysGeeky says:

    I just rated your game, good graphics and lighting! 😀

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