Day 2.5 recap

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April 23rd, 2012 4:06 am

The second day of the jam has been worse than I hoped, but better than I feared. I managed to tackle the performance issues we were having earlier by switching to the OpenGL renderer in Processing, which incidentally also fixed the huge memory leak.

So, here’s the first thing you’ll see when you load up the game:

Daniel created some really dope art today and I was happy to get it into the build along with some graphical effects like animated sprites and a scrolling background image.

Daniel’s friend Optomon also is writing us an awesome chiptune soundtrack. Here is the first part he sent over.

Here are some screenshots to show off what the game looks like now:

I ran into a ton of technical issues today but wound up working through them all. I finally finished defining all of the level geometry as arc segments, so you can run around the level and collide with the walls and ceiling too. I got basic bullets working, and they travel along an arc. The animation system was a doozie but it’s all working really nicely now. I learned more about OpenGL and it seems less daunting than before, and now I’m wishing I had more direct access to the OpenGL API from Processing!

Some things seem much easier and more efficient to implement in low-level OpenGL, such as my scrolling background. If I could have just accessed the texture directly and set GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S to GL_REPEAT, it would have saved me a lot of trouble since I could have just animated the uv coordinates of the texture instead of having to move two images around. I spent nearly 3 hours trying to figure out how to set GL_REPEAT from within Processing before throwing my hands up.

It wasn’t a waste of time though, as I was able to apply what I learned to the animation system to flip a sprite horizontally by inverting the u coordinates and drawing them to a texture I defined manually in Processing. This saves on memory and disk footprint since I only need to load sprite assets facing one direction, and hopefully helps with performance as well.

Daniel and I both have work tomorrow, so we are going to have to submit the game as-is before the jam deadline. Right now there are no enemies and no win condition, but we plan to keep working on the game after Ludum Dare is over since the hard part (at least for me) is done. Now, on to the fun part, making it into an actual game!

We plan to submit this build before the jam deadline tomorrow evening, once we have some new music.

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