Catamari Meowacy – Postmortem

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April 23rd, 2012 12:45 am

Play my game here!

Finished my game.. sort of phoned it home though, just wasn’t that excited with what I had.

What went wrong:

  • Bad art is bad. Should have chosen a more .. abstract look, more compatible with my (lack of) skillz
  • Main mechanic didn’t work well with FP’s built in tile scrolling stuff, and I didn’t feel like writing my own, so instead of re-designing, I sort of just limped along with a simplified version of my idea and just kept the game very short
  • I’m still not comfortable with AS3. Have a ways to go there.. but hopefully I won’t have to…

What went right

  • My first flash game! Learned a lot this weekend. I like Flashpunk + TweenMax, scheduling functions to be called is something I’ve grown used to in Proton so nice to be able to do that easily here too.
  • Made a game that has a story and is winnable. But somewhere along the line it turned into a weird psychological nightmare.
  • Using Novashell as the tile editor worked fine, no fuss

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