A few words about my first Ludum Dare

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April 23rd, 2012 8:14 am

Yesterday, I released my first Ludum Dare game.

I just need to say, that was an AWESOME experience for me!!! Lots of self-brainstormings, programming and soundwork in a small amount of time! After doing all this you feel like you are the MAN!

In the first day, as all of you, I was thinking about idea. The first was 2D-Zombie-Shooter-with-lots-of-guns-poweups-everywhere-particle-system-and-lots-of-beautiful-stuff. After 10 minutes of coding idea was banned. This situation repeats with other 3 ideas until I decided to make simple, intuitive platformer.

That’s it! The 1st day was over and code is ready for construct levels and modificate parametres of enemies.

The 2nd day dipped me into creative parts of the game: graphics, sounds and music. Great tools such as Grafx2, sfxr and FL Studio help me with this artistic mess.

At the 2nd part of the last day game was ready for test and release. When I submit my work and look throgh the other games on the Ludum Dare site I felt a great sence that I become a part of something bigger than just my one little awful game “Rob this tiny world!”.

Primarily, this is a challenge for yourself and others. The growth of yourself and others. Score your own abilities. And I think everyone who like game development and who is a part of it must pass this competition.

Thanks for reading this stupid post.

Good luck to everyone!)

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  1. AlwaysGeeky says:

    Well done :) It is a great feeling isnt it?!

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