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Sunday Morning Progress Report – LD 23

Posted by (twitter: @ElzingaT)
April 22nd, 2012 8:03 am

It’s a good thing I’m working with a partner because the I don’t think I’d make the time limit for the regular competition, having until later on Monday might just save this project. I wasn’t able to devote a ton of time to my game so far but here’s what we have…

We were trying to think of a good setting for a “Tiny World” and thought maybe something like a little Sea Monkey society might fit good. We were thinking of just caring for it sort of like a Tamagotchi for the gameplay but now I think we’re hoping for something a bit more fun than that. Right now though we’ve just got a fish tank with some little critters in it that swim around randomly and if you click a spot inside their tank they’ll swim to it… We’ve got a couple ideas as to how we can make it more of a game but nothing implemented yet, though we still have until Monday evening for the jam so we’ll see…

My artist (@KikiSnell) uploaded a timelapse of what she’s done so far too:

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