Seeing Spots

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April 22nd, 2012 12:17 am

I’m pretty new to game dev, but so far LD is one of the most rewarding, and entertaining things I’ve done in a very long time.  I’ve been up for 30 straight hours with only a few small breaks to eat and use the restroom, but I don’t regret anything so far.

When I first saw the theme, ‘Tiny World,’ I thought, “How am I going to incorporate this?.”  So, I brainstormed for a few hours and came up with the fact that the word ‘tiny’ is relative.  Surely a cosmic deity will think planets are pretty small compared to their seemingly infinite size.  Hence, Rick was born.  Rick is in charge of putting the physical parts of the universe together.  Naturally, he’s a bit clumsy and tends to drop things.  Oops!

The goal of this game is to pick up as many small planets as you can. The issue is that the ‘cosmic vacuum’ you use will burst open if you try to swallow a planet that’s too big. The maximum size changes all the time, so it’s a constant struggle to keep up! Score deteriorates with time to ward away those ‘campers’ waiting for the right time to strike.

I still have a bit to work on in order to polish this game up. The sounds are nearly finished, the music is done, and graphics are nearly finished. Mostly, I need to work on my scene transitions and some bug fixes in order to make everything silky smooth. I’m finally going to get some much deserved sleep, and I’ll be back in the morning to finish it all up before the deadline!

If you’d like to see an early version, check it out!


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