N00bs are so… n00b.

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April 22nd, 2012 12:07 pm

I tried to build from scrach a physics renderer with FlashPunk, a simple one, for a platformer.
I’m not proud of me, everything goes wrong, what I’ve done is so buggy that I’m seriously wondering about give up for this time.

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  1. caseymac says:

    a physics renderer? doesn’t flashpunk have a physics engine build in already (well, a basic one atleast)? and besides, if all else fails you could try a existing physics engine like nape or box2d. i JUST started my game now (like in the past hour) I wouldn’t give up if I were you; giving up gets you nowhere.

  2. LeReveur says:

    By give up, I mean accepting that my game will not work at time. I never really give up. 😉
    The problem is that I don’t know the half of FP capabilities, and the tutorials are a little poor (video ones really needs a textual support, because it’s a little difficult to copy-paste code from a video, and more when the video is not HD), but anyway I can’t learn AND code at the same time, learn takes a lot of time, and to finish, english is not my langage, so that not helps.
    And to use another physics engine, the same problem happens : I can’t code and learn how to use it at the same time…

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