LD#23- Homestretch!

Posted by (twitter: @@UprightPath)
April 22nd, 2012 2:04 pm

Well, I’m on towards the home stretch (I hope)!

I have one more piece of “AI” to implement, and that’s the controller for enemies and it’s going to be a very stupid¬†one given the rules of the game, however they’re really just there to mess with the player, heh, so they don’t have to be very smart, just have to be bastads.

While doing that, I get to implement something that’ll ‘destroy’ tiles, changes tiles, and attempts to convert neutral units to your side. Then I can test the game. Still haven’t decided when/how collisions are going to occur, but that’ll happen shortly.

I’ve gotten buttons in there, but I still need to actually write some other stuff for them to really work, other than the turn button that is. Hah.

Anyway, this is a screen that shows my initial implementation, with two units on the screen, the blue’s yours and the yellow/orange is neutral.


Currently, the indication of your territory is based on the tile type that’s painted. I’m thinking of keeping everything the same, except maybe making the tiles more.. tile-like when it comes to differentiating edges. These are the sprites I’m using, and yes I did kind of cheap out on the Souls because I was having trouble making a flat colour version of them that looks right to me.

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