LD23 – Day 2

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April 22nd, 2012 1:47 am

I just woke up, 8 hours of sleep which were really needed, which left me with around 16 hours to finish…

About the theme: the galaxy is composed of many many tiny worlds, each world are populated by humans. But their problem : with the expansion of the galactic internet, they meet friends and family from other Tiny Worlds and so the need for transport between these worlds increased. This is why you’ve created a brand-new service : the galactic taxis. You are one of these galactic taxi-driver and you must transport people from world to world in a certain amount of time while avoiding meteorits and other fragments. Also, be sure to not kill them while they try to enter in your taxis or while landing on their world…

That’s it for my idea. I wasn’t able to work full time the first day and so today I only have : the taxis and its controls, the space generation (stars background, worlds with building on top of them), the customers. I hopefully may have the whole second day to work on it.

What is missing : the gameplay (customer waiting for the player, time, arrow indicating the direction), fragments to avoid and other obstacles, a menu,  sounds, more graphics.

A little screenshot :

Galactic Taxi

Good luck to everyone, don’t forget to have fun! Cheers!

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