It’s the end !

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April 22nd, 2012 8:07 am


Hi everyone !
This is not a game. There is no goal, no fun, nothing, but I’ve finish with.

It’s Python with Pygame.

Sources are here :
The only thing you can do is :

Build walls
Build a roof (to make a room)
Place a TV

(you can access to this by the buttons on the top right)

and … move the guy in house (pink square) with right click, but some bugs exists in the pathfinding.

arrow keys to move the view

I had not enough time and motivation to make what I wanted to do :

The goal was to make a “the sims” like where you can’t control the personage and with a side-view 2D.
What you would must to do is to build a beautiful house for the men who live in. This men is the owner of his small planet where is his house.
To give you the rent for the house you build, he has to mine in his planet. But it’s so small (sorry, I mean tiny :) that the planet shrink progressively,
so the house start to be destroy and you can’t continue to build horizontally. The end of game happen when the planet is completely destroy.
At this time, your score is the rent that you earn during the game. More your house is comfortable, more the rent will be high.

So it’s not finish at all, but it was really fun to participate, I really enjoy to work on this game and I hope doing better the next time.

In France, when someone want to find a good name, he takes an english name. So, I will do the opposite : I called my game “Ptimonde” (which can be translate by ~”SmallWorld”)

Bye and good luck for the end to all participants !

edit : Oh, I forgot to say that it’s under GPLv3 license.


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