I think that’s what they call an “Epic Fail!”

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April 22nd, 2012 6:56 pm

I knew in the back of my mind that I was not 100% committed to Ludum Dare this time. I knew I was unprepared, as I said in my “I’m in” post. I decided to join in far to late, without any warm-up, and in a language have not used in any real projects before. All I can say is… What was I thinking!

LD48 is not forgiving in nature. If you aren’t committed and ready, then your butt will be kicked! I am not saying that it is a total loss. Quite the opposite!

The main reason I gave it a go was because I hadn’t before. Every time, I would say “Oh, I am not really prepared, I will just do the next one, and be ready!” The problem with that is that I had no idea what “prepared” was. So this time I made the snap decision (2 hours before the theme announcement) to give it a go just to get a taste.

So I gave up with about 14 hours on the clock, and decided to go to bed instead. I will still carry on with my game, and develop it as a prototype further. But it just wont be for Ludum Dare.

So I think by next time, I will be ready, and will know a bit more what to expect. I get an idea of how long 48 hours actually is, and will maybe use a language/platform I have lots of experience in.


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