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April 22nd, 2012 3:04 pm

This is my 4th Ludum Dare and my first one where I won’t finish the game.

The reasons may sound tiny at first but the project was too ambitious to actually turn out good if it was made in 48 hours by a single guy.

The game I made is similar to a regular RTS but instead of defeating an enemy you defend yourself against waves of hostiles by building new units and buildings.

I ran into a couple of problems that I haven’t been able to solve yet, for example where to spawn enemies and how to guarantee the randomized map is “open” enough, sure this could quite easily be done through a couple of formulas.

Another problem is also what to do if a player builds himself into a circle of buildings and therefore can survive all the enemies, if an enemy can’t reach a player it’s supposed to go for the closest building (Which most likely is not a part of the circle the player built himself into, which means the player will have to wait for the zombie to destroy building after building until it gets to one that makes him unable to reach one of your units)

And even if I did fix these two problems I’d still have such an extreme lack of content that the game would simply become boring after just a few minutes.

I’ll upload an exe as well as linking it in this post in case someone wants to do something with it, it’s free for any kind of use, you can even sell it and claim you’re the creator. (The game and it’s source code, that’s not the case with the libraries I used ;))


Source (Visual Studio C++ Express 2010)

The game currently got:

  • Pathfinding
  • Units
  • Buildings
  • Constructing Buildings
  • Gathering Resources (Not the way I wanted to make it though, they don’t actually collect them and bring them to the main building, didn’t have time for that)
  • Basic Interface (Although highly inpractical in some cases)
  • Extremely messy coding with barely any comments
  • Kittens?*

Thanks for this time LD, it’s been awesome!

*Kittens may not actually be included in your download of the game

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