Gameplay Complete

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April 22nd, 2012 2:34 pm

One more post here before I submit. I thought I’d have serious trouble getting a halfway playable game done in 48 hours, but I kept it simple and I like how it turned out. I decided against health bars for the structures since it’s more challenging if they get disabled in one hit. I finally had to add some real GML code for the draw functions for the radar. It’s tricky because Game Maker’s built-in GUI functionality falls apart if the camera rotates. I had to write code to move and rotate the radar and everything on it around the level to keep up with where the camera is currently pointing.

The game is basically complete and submittable now. In the next few hours, I plan to write a little bit of music for this, and maybe add some more variety after that if there’s time left.

Todo: Game title, title screen, music, player health bar, bomb explosion sprite, more structures to defend, more enemy types

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