Fixed a nasty bug…

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April 22nd, 2012 3:52 am

Turned out to be more of a “careless mistake”. I had had the icons that appear over characters’ heads check every step to see if they were still above their original “target” and if they weren’t, then they would implode. That check was set BEFORE the parts of the code that relied on the existence of that object. I had thought that simply having that check would keep me from needing to check if the instances existed, since the object was supposed to destroy itself beforehand. Nope. Turns out I needed checks for every different type of object call I made, to make sure it existed.

And so I fixed it. Hopefully. And hopefully that’s the last game-crashing bug.

Same download link as before:


Next up, sound. Then the How-to.

(EDIT: There’s still always the sort-of how-to in the last post: )

Still looking for feedback! :)

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention before. Due to the way it scales to; 1. Allow sprites to be decently visible, and 2. Allow everything to fit on screen without looking cluttered, it runs at a fixed 960×768 resolution. Yes, it’s weird. It’s fullscreen by default to accommodate the fact that most computers seem to run in either 1024×768 or 1366×768 mode nowadays.

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