First release! Almost done…

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April 22nd, 2012 2:34 am

This is Interstellar Planet-Ship Adventures: The Search For…Holy $@#% Aliens!!!!!! …or IPSA for short.

After cutting back and cutting back from the original design document, I’m almost done with it. Just a few things left to do. One being squash any and all bugs that may still exist. Another being balance. The last being sound.

If anyone’s interested, I need two things specifically: Bug reports, and any comments on the difficulty level.

Here’s the download.

It starts in full-screen automatically, and may act weird on certain setups. I don’t know really. It works fine on my computer.

If Google Chrome claims it’s malicious, it’s lying. 😛

Oh, and I don’t have the How To done just yet, so here’s the rundown:


IPSA is sort of halfway between a strategy/god-game and an arcade game. It’s also probably really difficult, if not impossible. The difficulty hasn’t been fully tested.

The goal of the game is to get to the required distance from where you start. That’s it. There’ll be obstacles along the way, though.


Left-click: Select/deselect a unit. You can only have one unit selected at a time. If you have one selected, left-click anywhere on the planet to move him.
Right-click: If you have a youth selected, and the youth is standing at a station/building, then right click on him to begin him training. Save for the brothel, he’ll become the related unit.
1-7: Create the building listed at the bottom of the screen at the mouse’s position if you have the required amount of gold.


Each unit has 5-15 HP, depending. After a certain period of time (I think 50 seconds), the unit has to return to a house to sleep. Once they’re done sleeping, you have to manually send them back to their stations.

Units are a little glitchy, so try to keep the path between their station and the nearest house clear.

There can only be 3 units per house that is active at any one time.

To use a station, unless the unit is a youth, they just have to come in contact with the station.

Citizen: Can use the brothel to create youth.

Youth: Can become any of the other units.

Captain: Can only be one. Required for the planet-ship to move.

Militia: The only units that fight back when the aliens attack.

Doctor: Heals other units. Can only heal one at a time.

Scientist: Cleans up the plague caused by asteroids.

Farmer: Gathers food. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED FOOD. Each unit consumes food. If food goes below a certain point, game over.


1: House

2: Hospital

3: Brothel

4: Barracks

5: Research Lab

6: Farm

7: Captain’s Wheel


Each obstacle drops gold after being dealt with.

Asteroid: Falls on your planet and destroys anything it hits instantly.

Plague: Causes a damage-over-time effect for all units but scientists.

Alien: Attacks the nearest unit.

And I hope that’s enough to get you started. Good luck, have fun, and I would really appreciate it if you report back with any problems you have. :)


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