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April 22nd, 2012 3:01 pm

So, yeah, i give up, i’m lacking of time, motivation and energy to finish it.
I did some mistakes, first i didn’t prepared anything, then i tried too many things before starting to create what i wanted to. Also i didn’t listened to my body, when he said “I can’t handle it anymore, i need to sleep.”, i said “No, not now.”, needless to say after ~20-25 hours of non-stop coding/testing i was not working at my full potential anymore, that eroded my motivation and leaded me to choose or to continue and try my best for the next few hours, or just give up and rest, then continue peacefully the prototype outside of the ludum dare. I think giving up is the best choice and i will take note of this experience for the next ludum dare so i won’t do the same errors again.

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  1. Foxtacy says:

    i should have given up too… instead of doing THIS T_T how can i even be proud of it? i mean… look at all this awesome games D:

  2. zitheker says:

    Dont’ worry. I’m sure that you will make a very great game at the next LD. Good rest 😉

  3. nSun says:

    I hope you’ll find motivation to pourue behind LD.
    48h is a short time. For mine I prepare a lot of things :
    – Sleeping is need-full
    – Juice and soft drinking
    – Do other things that doesn’t matter with computer

    Rest benefit on our capacity to work à 100%.

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