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April 22nd, 2012 7:37 am

Here’s a screenshot of a simple autotiler I made for making level production easier (every single grass/dirt tile there is, at first, the same block- then they’re all reskinned). I’m aiming to make a lot of ‘base’ rooms which are altered in a lot of different ways- like numerous pieces of the landscape having a chance of not appearing, or the level being horizontally flipped. There’s also an alternate set of tiles for the tops of platforms (cobblestone), and areas with liquid will have either water or lava, depending on the context of the world.

I’m aiming to get a build ready for the jam, now, as I’m really sleepy and don’t think I could wrap what I have done so far up quickly enough for the competition.

For its first release, there will probably only be the ‘wildcard’ gameplay mode which focuses on every screen having a surprising mish-mash of content rather than clustering groups of levels into themed sets, like “snowy set”. The player will also be able to spend ability points between every few levels, as opposed to after boss fights, as I plan to eventually implement in a more feature complete and polished version. I’ll probably just restrict the amount of bosses in the first release to one at the very end of the game.

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