24h progress report

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April 22nd, 2012 4:04 pm

I started about 24h late into the jam, so this is my ~24h-progress-report.

  • The capsule (which hopefully will be replaced with a player model later) can walk- and jump around the tiny world. Fixing the camera and orienting the capsule towards the gravity took more hours than expected…
  • Physics support for climbing on the house (and other arbitrary geometry) as well as pushing boxes around.
  • Basic shading, as it can be seen in the screenshot. Figured out far too late that my actual lighting-code was actually correct but I had generated inverted surface normals (and a far too low specular exponent to conceal the fact).
I am pretty happy with the result. Hey, I can walk around on a planet!

Next up:

  • Colors? No motivation to fix the importer, but random colors don’t seem to fit…
  • It still needs some kind of gameplay. I’m in the “I have some vague ideas”-stage 😀
  • Shadow mapping would be awesome! (I don’t need gameplay if my graphics are good, right? :-p)

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