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    ~11 hours Remain – Darkness Creeping

    Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
    April 22nd, 2012 7:32 am

    Its getting to crunch-time now! And whats the first thing that happens?? A power blackout. Yep. Awesome. Thankfully (as of writing this post) it seems to be back, my battery got me though it, with a couple of hours to spare.

    Funny thing is (or rage inducing if your in my shoes) – this is the 2nd power blackout during this LD so far! Its unbelieveable. No blackouts all year.. then as soon as the LD weekend comes along – two nights in a row. Last night was the worst however – from 1am to 8am. Thankfully I took the time for a snooze.


    Either way, Ive made some progress, but today was a pain, fraught with programming dramas and reoccurring issues with certain bits of code. Thankfully I managed to code a couple of bits a lot quicker than expected. Making a function to allow the player to get back up after falling took no time at all, and jumping/running was super easy.

    Im yet to start the proper level design though, having only just implemented most of the features needed. Still to be done is the 3 main sections of the game + the intro & sfx. Its going to be crazy towards the end. And I still need to sleep at some point….

    Heres the potential title screen I just came up with, its a screenshot taken with game assets, and Ive applied an oil-canvas filter to it, to get a bit of a cartoon/painted look. Ill do a few more like this, for the intro sequence if I have the time. –

    Feedback and comments at this point would be great!

    WIP title screen?


    Glowing crystal!

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