Tutorial – sorta done.

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April 21st, 2012 12:08 am

Got most of the animations done for the player (hopefully), including a jump pose. Did a little intro involving the characters ship running out of fuel – thus crashing onto an unknown planet.
I’ve also added some in-game instructions.

Now working on room transitions and getting away from the starting area, finally!

8 a.m here now, soon I’ll be making some breakfast. I already have a hot cup of tea in my hands :3

6 Responses to “Tutorial – sorta done.”

  1. bms says:

    love the round minimap really cool concept

  2. Cake&Code says:

    Really neat minimap, reminds me of seasons.

  3. zecmo says:

    yeah, totally dig the avatar. do you do a lot of pixel work?

    • Harrk says:

      Thanks for the comments :)

      I only sprite things when I need them, such as for games, I don’t really do it at any other time. It’s just a skill you build up over time, especially when you’re forced to sprite everything yourself.

  4. spilth says:

    This is looking really good. Can’t wait to play it!

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