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April 21st, 2012 3:48 pm

After wasting a whole 24 hours doing nothing, I’ve started work on my project! I’ve just done some graphics so far.


It’s going to be a retro graphics platformer, the absolute most boring kind of indie game to see! I’m using a lot of randomization elements in it, and each level will be a ‘tiny world’. I know it clearly appears I am going the easy, safe route with the graphics, because I… uh, am. But that will let me focus on the neat stuff!

The central idea is the levels and enemies within them are highly randomized, and are generated via a seed the player supplies. I think it will be fun for people to try different seeds, then have their friends play through the same ones.

Every level, enemies will get a little harder, and every 10 levels there will be a boss fight. The player will be able to choose how many levels long they want it to be (or endless) at the seed entry prompt. A per-seed high score list would be really cool but would probably take too long to stuff into the first release (assuming I can even get this to a presentable state in less than 24 hours!)

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