Professor McSteen (and his shrinking machine)

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April 21st, 2012 8:02 pm

So I’ve finally chosen a name, the game is mostly complete now. It will just need some minor adjustments, but I don’t expect many changes.

The game takes place almost entirely in one level, which you must traverse across to find each shrinking machine, which will shrink you down, making it harder to get back across the level.

Controls are A & D or Left and Right arrow keys to move, Up or W to jump, and clicking on blocks you are next to will pick them up, then click a free space next to you to place them. R to restart, which you will most likely need at some point.

I’m very interested if you manage make it to the shrinking machine, and even more interested if you make it to the next one. Please let me know in the comments how far you managed to get :)

You can play the game here: 

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