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April 21st, 2012 1:50 pm

I’ve written around 2000 lines of code and made a single sprite (3×3 pixels) so far.

I’ve finally made the producer-consumer network functional to some degree (“all it needs is content!”), but I’ve noticed that the people spend a hell of a lot of time around a single location to sate a need. I think I’ll make all resource consumptions one-shot fillers (so instead of getting a meagre +3 energy from eating, you get a full boost to 100%) to increase the speed of gameplay instead. However, I’m trying to think through how this affects penalties (badly treated crops will fully restore energy). Maybe simply tweaking the values to be a bit larger (they’re working on a 100-scale right now, perhaps a 10-scale would fit better) may help. Regardless, I need the AI to work on its own before I can introduce the actual gameplay.

We’re closing in on the 24-hour halftime line. Gotta get some interaction!

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