Our first ludum dare, Day1

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April 21st, 2012 7:42 pm

So, finally got around to posting here. So here is a late: “We’re in, yay!” :-)

That’s two German programmers, for the first time taking part in Ludum Dare. We go for a jam entry because we wanted to work together; even though this means taking monday off from university.

Language/Libraries: C++/OpenGL/SDL/Irrklang
Engine: Some basic code from previous projects, else custom built 3D
Sound: sfxr, and some music generator
Art/Models: C++ :-)
Timelapse: chronolapse, this will be fun
I wanted to compile for Google Native Client, but we wanted to use a few libraries which are not available there, so no web version for our game :-(.

First Day experience:

After theme announcement at 3 am we had a comfortable amount of 7h of sleep, got breakfast and started brainstorming. We decided for a concept quite quickly. It will be a game about a genie trying to escape his world in a bottle. (Is ‘Genie found in a bottle’ a good name…? Probably a bit stretched…)
So on with the coding. I’m quite rusty in C++, but getting better again. So I didn’t got too much done today. I implemented a sphere tessellation algorithm, starting with an icosahedron. Took a long time debugging some heap corruption (oh how I missed C++…) and other stupid bugs. But at least this works quite nicely now.
Maik implemented a Menu and  the event handling system, we have gamepad support(!).

A few screenshots:

I’m really excited how this will turn out. There is quite a bit of way to go. I think we can probably finish coding, the interesting things will be graphic and sound.

Now sleep.

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