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OMG! One day left!

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April 21st, 2012 6:35 pm

Yes, I deserved that dessert. It was delicious.

I’m very tired right now, but at least I finished the main mechanic for my game. Player will build chemical components using a set of elements. I spend ridiculous amount of time just working on physics of the system (still not satisfied), so it doesn’t look that good (yeah, I should have prepared a little better – mainly in terms of AS3 language), but it’s mostly working.

The game will be unintentionally educational, as you can see.

I’m going to bed now – after some sleep, I’m going to work on graphics and levels / score system.

Just like I promised, you can play the current version of the code (although there’s not much gameplay yet). A good start would be to try getting two hydrogen atoms into this grey circle around your ship (two hydrogens and nothing else) and pressing ‘C’.

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2 Responses to “OMG! One day left!”

  1. Quinas says:

    Really interesting game. And it’s educational. A little bug. I couldn’t create H2O2 ( Maybe it’s not formed by the most usual means.

    Good Work.

  2. marudziik says:

    Thanks for the feedback! The reason you couldn’t create H2O2 is that I didn’t add it to the list of possible compounds, which is still in the works. Thanks for trying my game! 😀

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