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April 21st, 2012 8:40 pm

This is my first ludum dare and I’m having a blast!

I’m making a tiny world machine. You place the elements and watch life spring to -erm, life!

Instructions (might need to click in frame before anything works):

  • Hit ‘w’ and click or drag to create water
  • Hit ‘m’ and click or drag to create mountains
  • Hit ‘g’ and click or drag to create grass.
  • Use ‘r’ to toggle run-mode on or off.

While the game is running, fish will appear in large areas of water and plants will grow in grass. Create enough resources and you’ll generate bears who will go through eating all of the fish and plants.

Play the tiny world builder

It’s not a game -yet- but it will be once I start tweaking the mechanics. The idea is that it’s possible to have too many resources since it will spawn more and more bears. The bears then eat all of the resources too quickly and die out . The idea is you need to balance the position of the resources. This isn’t possible yet because bears don’t die yet, but they will. Oh they will.


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