Late I’m in + halftime report

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April 21st, 2012 6:03 pm

So I am finally announcing that I am in to my first Ludum Dare. :)

First the tool-set i use.


  • CodeBlocks with mingw
  • SFML 2 RC


  • PyxelEdit
  • maybe Gimp

Sound (if going to add sound):

  • INudge
  • Audacity
  • sfxr

So now to the interesting part, my game. :)

I am doing a little adventure game. Focus is on the player deciding the flow and outcome of the game, so i wont say much about the gameplay yet.

Today i managed to implement a basic tile system, a player character with tracking progress and some stats, Basic dialog boxes, collectible items, and interactive characters.

Still missing are character collisions and interactive level elements. If this is done i will start laying out the “story” and fill the content.

And finaly a little view on my humble artwork.

Humble Preview

Humble Artwork

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