Just add bad guys…

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April 21st, 2012 11:12 pm

Well, coming along nicely… a few things to do in terms of fleshing it out.

But I’m happy with some of the mechanics.

It’s “Asteroids” style, but with quasars (which have repulsive force) and planets (which have gravitational force) – these forces act upon your spaceship as well as your bullets. I’ve also added strafe (thrust left and right) commands which seem to work well and are quite fun.

Graphics and animation coming along but… er… at the moment there is no goal. I’m running out of time (as we all do of course) – I had various ideas to use the planets (bases on planets, rescue little people, ability to land on planets) but think I’m going to have to prioritize and add some bad guys for dog fighting first. It feels like the sort of game/controls where dog fighting will be good fun!


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