It’s too pretty outside to stay in the house all day… or so my little friend told me.

So we went out to the cafe where we could have a nice window seat and enjoy some relaxed ambiance while we sorted out our SFX issues, and making our art a little prettier.

Once that was settled, I decided to try fleshing out the mechanics. There are two things you can do currently:

1. Tilt your device to try to influence the wanderers to “fall” to whatever direction is the floor for you.
2. Draw lines on the screen to try to make walls that bounce the wanderers in the opposite direction they were moving when they touched the lines.

I still need to work on the line intersection, which seems to be acting weird. It is possibly due to coordinate translation between the touchscreen and the pixel buffer. After that, what more is there to add? Perhaps some lures that keep the little people from wandering willy-nilly over the edge? Perhaps some terrain modifiers? Perhaps some enemies? Maybe a “wind” mechanic that works to try to blow all the little wanderers in a given direction over time?

2 Responses to “I Heard You Like Android … And working from a cafe!”

  1. dock says:

    Does your game count as a collaboration, or is the frog purely a supervisory role? 😀 Good luck!

    • dr_soda says:

      He and I had a talk about this before the compo and we came to the decision that he’s moral support only, and also acting as a mascot since he’s got a habit of being in recursive pictures on my tablet’s wallpaper.

      Frog drinks coffee in front of the tablet which has a wallpaper of…
      Frog drinking coffee in front of the tablet which has a wallpaper of…

      I figured this makes him an appropriate LD buddy given the fact that I’m making an android game on an android tablet. :)

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