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    I Heard You Like Android… AND PREVIEW BUILDS (for real this time)

    Posted by (twitter: @RecursiveFrog)
    April 21st, 2012 8:20 pm

    Repost because I totally screwed up the link the first time.

    Now that I’ve fixed the bug in my line intersection code, and added some nicer bling and a more dramatic game over screen, it’s time to put this up for preview:

    Preview build of “I Heard You Like Android” *title subject to change


    EDIT: Solved the filesize problem. Now down to a much slimmer 3.7MB size with a .ogg file for the theme song.

    5 Responses to “I Heard You Like Android… AND PREVIEW BUILDS (for real this time)”

    1. caranha says:

      It works! The music is quite catch, and the effects are cute.

      But I have no idea what I’m doing, I draw lines, but they don’t seem to affect the purple dots of death :-P

      • dr_soda says:

        Yeah this game *really* needs some explaining. :)

        The purple dots are your friends. They die if they fall off the edge of the world.

        The world is shrinking!

        Tilt your phone around to try to make them fall in the direction of gravity.

        You can use the line to bounce one around in a last ditch effort to keep it in play.

        The longer you keep your friends in play the higher your score will be. The more friends in play at once the more they multiply how much they each are worth.

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