Graah, physics!

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April 21st, 2012 3:00 pm

So for the past 6 hours I’ve been working on physics. My own implementation failed hard, so I searched and found jiglibx. And while it does sort of work, it’s horrible. My implementation is horrible, that is. I’m sure with proper usage, jiglibx is a nice physics engine. But this is ludum dare, and my code is dirty, I have no time to learn, and hacking it in like this surely isn’t the way it was meant to be used. So I’ve tried (and failed) to make the player move normally. Right now I have the following:

  • Humans that always slide someplace, and that can’t stand still
  • Collision with blocks, but with enough force you can get stuck or even through
  • Jumping mechanic that’s very, very picky and prone to getting stuck and/or blasting you off into space

Hooray! I guess…

I managed to climb a tree, though, so that’s sort of nice

So now I’m just tempted to scrap physics altogether, disable jumping, and just check if there are blocks in the direction of the player when he walks. It should be simple, but it means no jumping and climbing etc.

Oh, and I also have to figure out what sort of game I want to create. I’ll try and wrap up the physics stuff for now, and then it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I’m going to start on a game. If I don’t come up with a nice concept, I’ll just make an FPS. And if I do come up with a nice concept, I’ll create that instead. I should have about 10 hours for that, and then 6 hours of graphics/music/sound generation, 1 hour of polish, and then it’s already over. Time flies when you’re frustrated at physics! 😀 Next time I’ll just get an engine ready from the start.

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  1. JackKnife says:

    Hmmm…jumping and blasting off into space? That’s not a bug…IT’S A FEATURE!!! 😉

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