Getting ready to start programming

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April 21st, 2012 4:05 am

Desk is pretty clean and tidy:
programming desk
Dogs are ready to playtest a masterpiece:
Dogs waiting anxiously to play Ludum Dare game
Mockups and instructions ready:
Allow meteors to hit tiny world(bad)
Allow ships to fire proton beams at tiny world(bad)
Deflect metoer at ship(Great!)

Wow, I haven’t started programming today and half a day is already behind me.
Going to keep the graphics simple this time to concentrate most of my effort on completing a playable fun game that runs nice and smooth.
Good luck to everybody!

2 Responses to “Getting ready to start programming”

  1. aus_mike says:

    What sort of a chain is that on the black dog?

  2. elbowroom says:

    It is a prong collar, tested it on my arm before using it(it is not painful). She had no formal training when I rescued her, and it helps preventing her from killing stray cats.
    Before picking it up, we’ve read some research and some statistics suggest it is safer than a choke collar.

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