finished my game’s music

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April 21st, 2012 9:32 pm

A bit ago I finished my game’s small 4-piece soundtrack. I don’t have any formal music training so it’s not mind-blowing, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out over all. If you’re interested but just want to hear the best piece, I’m most fond of the boss music that plays at 1:27.

Oh, and obviously I’ve decided on the title “The Pioneer”. The protagonist is some kind of supernatural entity that is carving away evil monsters from worlds so that his people can live on them.

Each set of levels has a unified palette, which is chosen from an array using this method. Depending how far into the game session the player is, there are more permutations to levels which make them more challenging- by the second set of levels, slippery surfaces and lava will may appear, unless the player chooses either the “challenging” or “wildcard” mode- in which case anything could show up at the very beginning.

I have also decided on three weapons- there’s the basic sword, which is swiped in a 90 degree arc like Link’s sword from 2D Zelda games, a lance which is longer but only goes straight, like a whip from Castlevania, and then a bow and arrow which is a standard range weapon which requires ammo. The player can upgrade one of these at the end of every set of levels, increasing the selected weapon’s damage output by a single point. There are other things to upgrade as well of course!

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