Day 1 Afternoon Progress

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April 21st, 2012 5:18 pm

In the three hours I have been home, I have gotten a good amount of my tasks finished. Here is the list from last time


Name It

Main Menu

Online scoreboard (Just need to make it look nicer)




See about the difficulty


Main Menu

I posted on twitter about half an hour ago about eating asteroids. Much like Mario eats mushrooms to grow bigger, you can eat asteroids and double your size three times. This also addresses the difficulty when you are huge you cover a lot more ground that makes the hard levels easier. Still with random level generation there can be impossible levels.  O the Asteroids also destroy the platform if you don’t eat them first.


I hope to get sound and music finished tonight, as well as making the online scoreboard page look nicer. That way tomorrow I can spend the time polishing the game, and playtesting.

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