Day 1 : a little bit late

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April 21st, 2012 9:53 pm

Morning: I get up late, learned theme is “Tiny World”. It was one of the themes I least like. I thought about theme, a few ideas sprang, none of them was original. I read ludum dare to see what others came up with. I saw a “ludum darer” is making a reverse god game, some others using earth or planets as base for their games. So it seems one of my ideas “God Game” was not far off to the theme. I go to have breakfast.

Noon: Progress was fast. I used things, I had never used before in flash, learning from reference. It turned out flash also has perlin noise, I used it to generate land, no need to write one. Earth rotation was a little bit challenging, since I was all working in 2d, calculation of correct tile at the point required, after a little bit of work I did it.

Evening: I work on the cloud movement, but results were plain awful. I started with noise generated clouds, it did not take much time, however I couldn’t figure out realistic motion of clouds and lost motivation. Plan was to finish them, so I can work in game elements in Day 2, but could not. We will see what is gonna happen today.

By the way, a screenshot:


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