Asteroid Defense Game Mockup

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
April 21st, 2012 9:20 am

My game is going to be one of those games where you defend your tiny world from attack.

You control a soldier, the only inhabitant of a small asteroid you are assigned to protect. This asteroid has a mining colony, two automatic defense turrets, and a life support infrastructure just for you. Your asteroid comes under attack from space pirates.
You move around the asteroid, with it rotating beneath you, trying to keep the pirates from landing on the asteroid and pillaging your structures. When not shooting, you can take time to recover your health or repair your structures.
The tricky part will be getting the entire game environment (or just the camera) to rotate in Game Maker 7.0 Pro. If I can get a simple tank on rails moving around the asteroid shooting things, I’ll work on the turrets and maybe some other types of buildings that have be protected and repaired.

I also did a quick 6 second loop of the type of Genesis/Megadrive-type music I want to do for this. You can hear it at

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