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April 21st, 2012 12:56 am

“Tiny World”… I have to admit at first I was at loss. I only had one idea : a tiny planet with a man running/jumping around it but wasn’t satisfied with that. And with thinking, other ideas came, and I remembered a game concept I had last year about nuclear fission and atoms and neutrons and chamber of reactions, etc… So I thought “that’s my tiny world! The worlds of little particules trapped in a chamber of chimical & physic reactions.

Here is the plot : A mad scientist decided to take revenge on the whole scientist community. He works secretly on crafting the ultimate weapon, making electrical/chemical/physic chain reactions betweens atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons…

What you’ll have to do : In the chamber of reactions, you’ll move differents blocks of various material to make bouncing or not your reactive elements. The more collisions between reactive elements you make, the more powerful your weapon will be.

Gameplay : you can only control 2 cursors with Z(or W)/Q(or A)/S/D and UP/LEFT/DOWN/RIGHT to move reflective blocs. Those blocs have different physics property making them more or less bouncy.

Here is my gameplay-check test :

Screenshots :

Feel free to give me feedback. Now I’m going to graph this then it will be feedback and level design time \o/

Oh, by the way, it’s not bug-proof so… if the game freeses, let’s say it’s a feature :p

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