Act 1 done — ready for some mechanic/math

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April 21st, 2012 10:36 am

I’m working on a sim-/civ-/me2-like-planet-scraper like resource management thing.

Cursors & WASD rotate the tiny world, num keys place objects. The objects all have different resource dependecies on eachother. On a cooldown, they produce “resource” based on their modifiers. E.g. grass needs water, water needs hills, cities need water + grass. Also have crazy ideas for city expansion and conflict. Probably out of scope for this weekend though.

Building things costs resource. Also would like to implement some production depletion/deterioration over time, such that there’s no incentive to leave it there ticking over. Game objectives are likely to be a list of achievements — e.g. “build a city”, “earn more than x”, “have y resources”, “cover the world” etc.

Happy with first pass at input, manipulation and some rendered affect. There’s a local collision loop in there as well so placed objects don’t get too close. I’m at the point of having each object calculate it’s resource output, but all outputs are 0 currently.

Thought it was a good time to put an update up. Later I’ll get some math into the resource calculation and consider how to do depletion over time.

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  1. jerombd says:

    Looks awesome, really!

  2. Cheers — pretty pleased with it thus far. Going to get the mechanics in there then have a few extra visual bits to add, keeping it as simple as possible though — just need to manifest the cooldown timer for resources on the columns. Probably a subtle rotating / converging detail on the top of them.

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