41 Hours to go – Progress (And screenshots so far)

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April 21st, 2012 12:52 am

So at the 41 hour point, I wanted to do a quick summary of where Im at (with some pictures!)

The initial creepy/horror game I wanted to make was made difficult by the theme selection (in typical Ludum Dare style), but one small detail of the game stood out – the little bugs and critters I wanted to make which randomly scurried around the floors in a medieval style abandoned(?) dungeon. So, this is where ‘Tiny World’ comes into it, and I think Ill be able to work with the theme nicely.

A slight bug problem

Anyway, Ive got most of my checklist from this morning finished so far, with a few features left to implement later tonight, finished things are as follows:

  • Cockroaches ( basic behavior programmed and simple model – others will be based off this) – Cockroaches turned out more complicated than planned but it was good fun, currently they all spawn with a unique amount of health and move in a random fashion relative to all the others, they can detect a collision with an object and turn away from it, and can be squished if you step on them too many times and deplete their health too far. They also vary in speed, sometimes dashing around, then calming down and either stopping for a bit or moving slower
  • Basic test area for testing features
  • Player setup and physics (basic walking animations, movement, physics (you can fall over) and camera look done so far)
  • Dynamic lighting initial setup (dynamic shadows working)


What I want to have done by the time I get some sleep later on:

  • The start of a sound system to handle sfx and music/ambience and some initial sounds
  • Text system (talking to characters and player instructions etc)
  • Basic inventory system
  • The players ‘magic power’ in the game
  • Some kind of recovery for when the player falls over


Some more screenshots:

Some trampled... messy


looking better with proper lighting and dynamic shadows

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