3 hours in and there’s an idea

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April 21st, 2012 4:09 am

Okay, technically we’re 10 hours in, but it started when I was sleeping. ;P

After thinking a lot I’m going to use the theme quite literally; The game is set in a tiny world. In fact, it’s no bigger than 800×800 px.

Basically there’s one human on the tiny world, and you, as some kind of god thingy, have to help him by creating structures and more humans. The humans will only survive when they have a shelter and food/water. But you won’t be able to create all the needed resources that easily… First of all, there’s little room on the tiny world, so think wise about what and where you’re building everything. Secondly, not all buildings will be available from the start. And thirdly, the weather will try to kill the humans, so you better be quick!

You can’t win the game. It’s game over when all humans die. Will you help them survive? Or will you let them die horribly? The fate of this tiny, unknown and unimportant world lies in your hands.


Tiny World screenshot

Don't worry, the buildings will get bigger to make things harder for you

Oh, and there will be kittens, I can assure that.

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