19 Hours to go – Getting there

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April 21st, 2012 11:18 pm

Last night had its difficulties (power went out, of course) but at least it might make for a more interesting timelapse – slowly watching my battery drain away. I got a few more hours sleep than planned as well, which is only a good thing on the first night. I feel like tonight will be a tough one, wont be getting much sleep at all.

Either way, since the last post heres the updated ‘implemented feature list’ so far (new stuff in bold) –

  • Cockroaches ( basic behavior programmed and simple model) – now animated
  • Basic test area for testing features – with some items to collect
  • Player setup and physics (basic walking animations, movement, physics (you can fall over) and camera-look done so far)
  • Dynamic lighting initial setup (dynamic shadows working)
  • Player recovery – you can now get back up if you fall over
  • Running and jumping
  • Inventory (going to keep it basic, since the system I made is very simple)
  • Doors which only open if you have the right key
  • Spiders – fully animated with walking and idle animations
  • The players main ‘power’ – the ability to take over small creatures (and hence the theme)


Next up I want to give the player a proper light source, and a model for cutscenes and the intro animation. Then its time to get into some serious level design and put all of these features to use.

Couple of screenshots:



Inventory with one key - corresponding (test) door opened

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