In a Lonely Sea of Stars (slightly playable)

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April 21st, 2012 9:01 pm

In a Lonely Sea of Stars is coming along really, really nicely. After spending 4+ hours developing the scrolling code, everything’s pretty much working out. I just completed (somewhat) the transport code, so when you build a harvester on a sun, a mining lane gets built and 10 harvesters get sent out. I have to make it filter out as you zoom out, but that’s all later.

I’m still having trouble with radians and atan2 (those two things never, ever work for me), but it’s functioning pretty well.

Wow! It's working!

Send out the transports! (click for larger)

There’s no tutorial yet, so I’ll sum up: use the scroll wheel to zoom out and click the green ship to place harvesters on suns. Right now the turret (purple) does nothing, so just leave it alone. Oh, and nothing costs money yet.

Play the version of In a Lonely Sea of Stars
 Or you can watch me make it:

Stream the development of In a Lonely Sea of Stars

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