Tiny… Toony… Tanny… Teeny… Theists!

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April 20th, 2012 7:30 pm

Tiny Worlds… not my favourite of the mix, but many of the top contenders throughout the week shared several connotations in my mind.

Artificial Life, Tiny Worlds, Build it then use it…. it brings to mind the microcosms depicted in The Genesis Tub, Parasites Lost and The Invaders, to name a few (actually, I think the Twilight Zone had many such stories).

I wanted to try and convey a message with my game this time around, partially an homage to deepnight’s entry back in ld20, partially a personal desire to work on the emotional level. I was hoping for a theme that would let me bring around the tragedies of personal experiences, but Tiny Worlds could work too.

In the best style of megalomaniacs and people who have no idea how little they can achieve over the span of 48 hours, I want to try my hand at a god game. I want to focus much more on the world itself than Populous or Black & White, bringing it a bit in line with Ubisoft’s From Dust. Go a step further than micromanagement. I want the goal to be constant and greater praise from your followers, achieving this through a combination of blessings and curses (who believes in an ever lenient god? And, conversely, who would want to believe in an ever-terrifying demon?) that come in the form of shaping the things in the world. Are people starving? Bless them with a new growable crop with greater nutritional value or a new animal species. Have they grown fat, decadent? Create a plague to either reduce the population or the crops – or both!

Bear in mind this is all just 90 minutes into the compo (eh, make that 86 minutes), so I’ve got pen and paper lying everywhere trying to create a proper model for all of this.

The first game pic is simply 20 procedurally generated humans chasing the cursor. The graphics style is however quite telling at this point. Tiny World, Tiny People – Atari style!

Alpha test of sheeple.

Alpha test of sheeple.

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