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April 20th, 2012 7:26 am

Last LD, I tried to do a timelapse, but maybe I set the interval too short or used the wrong program, because I ended up with a folder full of screenshots that took up all my hard drive space!  I have Chronolapse; if anyone has something for Windows that’s not hecka complicated and makes the video on the fly or solves the lots-of-pictures problem, a link would be appreciated.

So, without a timelapse, I’m going to have to do maybe a couple updates per day on this site.  I’ll use Twitter too, since it makes for easy microupdating.  If any of you are interested in following that, I’m @Vector_Zero.

Also, anybody up for another Kitten challenge…?

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  1. Pierrec says:

    Chronolapse isn’t too complicated to use.
    On the Capture tab, choose the time between the captures (5 seconds for a very long timelapse (20min+), 10 or 20 for a shorter on). Check the screenshot box then click on Configure to select your destination folder. When you’re ready, click Start Capture (and stop it when you’re done or when you’re afk). In the end, you’ll get a HUGE amount on screenshots in the folder.

    Then, go to the Video tab, select the folder containing the source image, then the destination folder, click Calculate estimate time, and if you’re happy with it, Creat Video and wait.
    I have no idea what all the other tabs, button do, but I don’t need them!

    • Vilborg says:

      I’ve used Chronolapse before; what I meant was that I would like an alternative that doesn’t use the lots-of-screenshots method that Chronolapse uses, and I would like this alternative to not be complicated.

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